The Atlas Leadership Academy is a year-long leadership development initiative aimed at identifying, rewarding and developing Atlas’ high potential managers. Each class represents a wide cross-section of Atlas companies and members are selected for their passion, performance, potential and personal commitment to deliver breakthrough results. The ALA program develops specific skills needed to transform and strengthen businesses, improves the Atlas leadership pipeline and exposes Atlas’ high potential managers to industry leaders from across the Atlas family.

About the Director

Lynn Utter was appointed Director of the Atlas Leadership Academy in late 2016. She will build on the strong foundation created under Director Shaker Chandrasekaran’s leadership during the ALA’s first two years, in 2015 and 2016. Lynn currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of First Source LLC, a leading distributor and packager of specialty candies, nuts and snacks. She is a key part of the Atlas family, serving as Chairwoman of the Board of Managers of Merchants Metals LLC. Lynn has previously served as global President and Chief Operating Officer of Knoll Office as well as the Chief Strategy Officer at Coors Brewing Company. She is a dynamic, engaged and passionate teacher of leadership skills who serves as a valued mentor and instructor to ALA participants.